2021 Board of Directors Election

Update: Nomination Period Closed

The Selkirk College Students’ Union (SCSU) is the membership-based organization of current Selkirk College students. As a society under the BC Societies Act, we are led by a Board of Directors.

The SCSU is independent from the College. We are directed by members, for members. Any member can run for election to the Board of Directors, and it is every member’s right to vote in the election.

The SCSU represents, advocates, and campaigns for members’ benefit, and provides services to help members get the most equitable opportunity while they are members.

There are eleven positions on the Board of Directors. If there are more than eleven candidates, then there will be an election. Members may vote for as few as one candidate, for as many as eleven, or for any number in between. The eleven candidates who receive the most votes, cast by members through our online election system during the voting period, will be elected and become the 2021/2022 Board of Directors.

Nominations for the election are now closed. As set by the current Board, and as specified in email messages to all members, the nomination period began 4PM PDT on Friday, September 10, and ended 4PM PDT on Friday, September 24. The candidate information form is here.

If an election is necessary, the election campaign will begin one day after the candidate application period ends, and ends the same day and time as voting. Links to vote will follow on the first day of voting for the SCSU Board of Directors. Voting, if necessary, would begin Wednesday, September 29 at 4PM PDT, and ends at 4PM PDT on Friday, October 1.