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What is the Extended Health and Dental Plan?

Following a successful referendum of members, the students’ union implemented a comprehensive and mandatory extended health and dental benefits plan for full-time students, with a few exceptions. Like other plans at universities and colleges around the country, our plan provides extended coverage for prescription drugs, paramedical services, and dental work, along with travel insurance, Life/Accident Insurance and legal assistance plan and other coverage tailored to students.

Extended Health and Dental Benefits

$275.00 for 12 months coverage. 

To add dependents there is an additional cost. 
One dependent-$275.00 ($550.00 in total)
Two or more dependents-$480.00 ($755.00 in total)


If a student has been assessed/added to the coverage, they will need to register on the Green Shield Canada to make claims, get direct deposit, and student discounts.  You will have coverage for 12 months, which begins the first of the month that your course starts.  For example, if you started in September, you will have coverage from Sept. 1 – Aug. 31.  One exception is if your course starts the last few days of the month, it will start the following month.  Coverage is good throughout Canada, as long as your provincial health care is up to date.  If your provincial health care is not BC you will need to contact the SCSU Castlegar Office to let us know.


You will not be able to register or make claims until the blackout period is over.  The blackout period is usually 6 weeks for new and returning students.  If you started in Sept. the blackout period will usually be over mid-Oct, Jan-mid Feb, etc.  You will receive an email to your Selkirk College email account when it is over.   Please make sure to hang on to all your receipts during this time!  You can submit a claim for any services used during the blackout period when it’s over and you have registered. 

Students, meeting full-time requirements, with disabilities, that have not been added into the coverage or if you have previously opted out and don’t have existing coverage now and are wanting it please contact SCSU. 
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Are you graduating this year? Don’t leave your coverage behind SCSU, the British Columbia Federation of Students (BCFS), and Prosum Health Benefits have partnered to offer affordable health and dental plans that you can access after you’re no longer a student. Starting as low as $27 per month, Individual Health Assist plans allow you the flexibility to choose your level of coverage and more importantly find coverage that fits your budget. If you are graduating, your coverage from your students’ union benefits plan ends 12 months after the start date of your program; once your coverage ends, you will have 90 days to apply for a GSC Health Assist plan. Learn more about the plans available or to start your application at

For more information, contact Prosum Health Benefits at 1-855-751-6590 or

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